Come and See: An Invitation to Reclaim Your Life’s Balance

If you’re like many women, your pursuit of “balance” in life has been disappointing at best. You may have digested self-help books and podcasts by the dozens. You may have tried prayer or meditation. Yet trying to keep your feelings of weariness, guilt, and anxiety at bay is like trying to hold a beach ball under water. No matter what you do or don’t do, your restlessness keeps bobbing to the surface. It shows up in your interactions with your family, your views of the future, your weekend choices with friends.

Come and See offers you an antidote to the emotional vertigo you feel. This is not a self-help book-in fact, it’s the opposite. This is an invitation to consider a solution that demands no achievements, requires no striving, and has nothing to do with performance or perfection. It is an invitation to wholeness, balance, and peace. All you have to lose is the pain you are tired of carrying. Are you ready? Come and see.

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Doing HIS Time:
Meditations and Prayers for Men and Women in Prison

Bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to women and men in prison, in their language, understanding their culture in a way that makes it come alive. Jim Vogelzang spent 36 years in prison, but never spent a day behind bars! In prison to selfishness and the world, he underwent a spiritual transformation at age 36, after reading Chuck Colson s autobiography, Born Again. He felt God’s call to go into prison and share the loving grace of Jesus Christ in the form of a devotional that delivers the message in an inmate’s language and situation. From 1999 to 2008, the author researched prison life and lingo to better understand what it was like to be incarcerated. Then taking this knowledge, he and co-author/editor Lynn Vanderzalm wrote Doing HIS Time to share the Good News in an inmate’s native tongue. In 2014, the authors updated the book, adding 25 new meditations and 25 pages of Study Guides to help inmates and prison ministers and chaplains get the most out of this book. This is a powerful and insightful book that is a must have that will speak God s love in a way that everyone involved in the criminal justice system will understand.

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