If you’re reading this book, it’s likely that you have discovered in numerous ways that real life is, indeed, rough.

Come and See ~ Page 11, Is Joy Even Possible?

New Release by James C. Vogelzang

Come and See:
An Invitation to Reclaim Your Life's Balance

If you’re like many women, your pursuit of “balance” in life has been disappointing at best. You may have digested self-help books and podcasts by the dozens. You may have tried prayer or meditation. Yet trying to keep your feelings of weariness, guilt, and anxiety at bay is like trying to hold a beach ball under water. No matter what you do or don’t do, your restlessness keeps bobbing to the surface. It shows up in your interactions with your family, your views of the future, your weekend choices with friends.

Come and See offers you an antidote to the emotional vertigo you feel.  It is an invitation to wholeness, balance, and peace. All you have to lose is the pain you are tired of carrying. Are you ready? Come and see.

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This book is for women who have lost their balance—or wonder if they ever had it in the first place.     
       Come and See ~ Page 10, Out of Sync

Come and See is not a self-help book—just the opposite.
It is an invitation to consider a solution that demands:
no achievements, striving, or, performance hurdles.

The book explores:
a) taking charge of the regrets from your past,
b) healing from emotional and spiritual disillusionment,
c) the power of forgiveness—for yourself and others.

This book offers you a solution to the emotional vertigo you are feeling but cannot identify. Come and See proposes a cure that is candid, somewhat uncomfortable and quite possible scary. This book does not preach, judge, or emotionally manipulate, but rather, respectfully proposes a surprising solution to women’s disequilibrium allowing grace and forgiveness to be felt again…or perhaps for the first time.

Lives change when someone pours love into another person. When another human being sees the possibilities and not the liabilities.
       Come and See ~ Page 23, Jesus Loves Outsiders